Home & Community-Based Services (HCS)

Community Access provides Home and Community-Based Services to individuals who benefit from less structured approaches to service delivery. HCS services are provided to individuals who meet eligibility requirements and have been authorized by the state to receive the services. A broad array of options are available through this program. Supports may be offered in a variety of ways such as through supported home-living in which services are provided in one's own family home. Residential support services are offered through community homes in which staff are on duty 24-hours per day and foster homes (where people live as part of a family or more typical household).

A variety of supplementary services are also available to individuals in the program. Consumers are eligible for adaptive aids and minor home modifications to allow increased personal accessibility and independence.

Respite services allow for a break/vacation to be taken for up to 30 days per year when services are provided in the original family home. Day habilitation arrangements include settings such as sheltered workshops, day activity and other programs, which afford the consumer out-of-home learning, skills development and socialization opportunities. Supported employment can also be provided to assist with obtaining, learning and maintaining a job in the community.

HCS consumers are also afforded a broad range of medically-based services through the program. Community-based physicians are utilized and nursing services are made available to meet the health needs of people served. Dental and psychological services are secured through licensed professionals and are rendered as needed. Dietary concerns are addressed by a licensed dietitian and based on the nutritional needs of the individual. Other therapeutic services such as occupational and physical therapies are available including assessment and treatment necessary to meet each individual's needs. These services are offered through contracting with licensed professionals in the community.

Community Access serves over 110 people through its HCS programs in Tyler, Greenville, Sherman, Paris, Plainview, Lubbock and the Dallas/Forth Worth metro area. Many people have been able to achieve higher levels of personal independence while receiving HCS services. The programs are licensed and surveyed, by the state of Texas and routinely exceed certification standards for service provision.

Feel free to contact the following references who have agreed to receive calls from consumers and families who are in the process of selecting a service provider.


  • Sharon Atwood, 903-876-2019