What makes Community Access different?

  • An emphasis on meeting individual needs
  • Outstanding staff training programs
  • A broad range of available options and services
  • Focus on promoting independence and self-actualization
  • Hometown Texas owners and directors committed to offering the best services in Texas

What kind of care will my loved one receive?

  • Thorough individualized evaluation
  • Individually tailored programs
  • Quality health care
  • Outstanding therapeutic service
  • Staff receive intensive on-going training
  • Residential care in nice homes in good neighborhoods
  • Individualized in-home training
  • Programs that anticipate/meet needs based on individual requirements

What kind of activities are available?

Leisure activities are a very important part of all our lives. Individuals in Community Access programs don't just go to activities. They learn leisure life skills through participation in planned activities, community recreational events, volunteer opportunities in their communities, shopping expeditions and more. Through leisure experiences they develop friendships and form skills for independence and self-fulfillment.

Do you offer vocational services?

Vocational services, prevocational and educational services are provided through local workshops, the local school system and supported employment programs within the community. In East Texas, Community Access partners with Community Work Force of Texas' Job Works Project to provide supported employment services to residents seeking to enter the mainstream workforce. Transportation is provided as needed.

Why should I choose Community Access?

Community Access offers extensive services to help persons with disabilities live productive lives within their community. We offer supported living and alternative living homes depending on the needs of the individual. Our group homes, foster/companion care homes and alternative living options are individually selected to provide the most cheerful, comfortable, clean and wholesome places to live. All homes meet or exceed the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation standards. Community Access believes in the basic rights of all human beings. Individuals enrolled in Community Access will make their own choices of places to live and work and type of leisure activities. Community Access believes in providing dignity and respect to each individual regardless of functioning level. Each individual is encouraged to develop to his/her fullest potential in the least restrictive environment possible.